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About us

What We Do:

The Gift Card Vault is a business intended on making sure old merchandise does not go to waste and to create a convenient way to save on usual expenses. Businesses and clients sell us their recycled or unwanted gift cards and we resell them at an affordable price to each of you. Everyone wins!


We believe that the progressive mindset of using digital gift cards really separates The Gift Card Vault from other discounted gift card platforms. This convenience and making a diverse inventory of e-Gift cards accessible for others within our shop were the main inspirations behind our business.

Great Value: 

Though there are a number of outlets for digital gift cards and services, The Gift Card Vault boasts the best overall value across all products. We work hard to make sure all of our products are fairly priced for our customers. We believe that working to meet the needs of our community will be rewarded by our loyal following. 


Connor Whiteside, Founder

I have gone through the painful realization that I am a natural spender in many ways. I love to eat out with buddies, browse my favorite clothing brands, etc. Because of this I was always looking for good deals to compensate for my unwillingness to change my lifestyle. For a few years I used several discounted gift card sites and exchanges to receive goods that I would use for my own personal use. I was pleased and thankful for these services. The problem was that I had to wait for them to be shipped or print out a voucher. This is what gave me the idea for The Gift Card Vault.

In all these couponing communities I had been involved with I had seen fellow young adults and classic coupon queens all trying to save money to enjoy their cheaper latte or steak. There was a huge supply of people wanting to offload their gift cards but each place lacked convenience for the buyers, like me. I wanted to create a platform that is relevant and convenient for using these goods with modern businesses. Now deal seekers can purchase e-Gift cards in our community, quickly receive their order, and be able to access it digitally upon arriving at the business to use.  I hope that others will share in my excitement for that opportunity.

I have been thrilled with the support The Gift Card Vault has received so far, and that my vision of convenience and recycled digital goods connects with other consumers. In an attempt to give back, we have decided that 5% of all our proceeds will be donated directly to Habitat for Humanity. If you feel excited about what we do, feel free to join our affiliate program here. Again, thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the products we provide along the way!