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How will I receive my product?

Upon purchasing your order at checkout, your gift card code will be sent personally to you either automatically or within 1 business day.

What is the best way to use my e-gift card code?

It may depend on the business and location. Some locations just need the code, but others are more dependable whenever they are stored in centralized apps designed to store digital cards (like stocard, giftme, etc.) to present at the restaurant, store, etc.

Will my e-Gift card work at my local locations?

At this point in time, almost all businesses that are associated with our products accept all e-gift card codes, especially if used in centralized storage places like Stocard, Giftme, etc. (mentioned above). If you are unsure or not confident with the use of e-Gift cards at your desired location, we encourage you to reach out and ask them first. 

DISCLAIMER: Check to make sure e-gift cards are accepted at your desired location before purchasing. We are not held responsible for this.

How can I maximize savings?

If you are curious on how to take your savings to the next level, feel free to email us for bulk orders or becoming a part of our affiliate program.